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Soil Vapour Assessment

Volatile chemicals (petroleum hydrocarbons and/or chlorinated solvents) present as contaminants in soils or groundwater have the potential to partition into the air in the soil pore spaces and can move into buildings, ambient air, confined spaces or excavations on a site. The collection of soil / groundwater data is not considered to be sufficiently reliable to make decisions about whether or not a vapour intrusion risk is present and therefore soil vapour assessment (via vapour intrusion pathway) is commonly being evaluated if the outcome of the detailed site assessment suggest that there is potential hazard/health risk posed by volatile chemicals. 

Characterisation of site for evaluation of soil vapour intrusion can be relatively complex and may involve sampling of multiple media from different locations between the contamination source and the current or proposed future building and the development of technically defensible program requires an adequate conceptual site model, understanding of fate and transport processes and knowledge of sampling methods and analytical protocols.