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Soil Remediation

Depending on the outcome of the DSI and Risk Assessment, soil remediation may be required. Prior to undertaking the site specific remediation, a Remediation Feasibility Study / Remediation Options Assessment must be undertaken to evaluate the available technologies and select the most viable technology applicable to your site on the basis of the following considerations (technical, logistical and financial). Following the selection of the most viable technology, a Remediation Action Plan will be prepared.

Environ Core can provide assistance in designing, constructing and implementing the following soil remediation technologies:

  • bioremediation of hydrocarbons and volatile organic concentrations impacted soil;
  • immobilisation or stabilisation of heavy metals impacted soil;
  • ex-situ chemical oxidation of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds impacted soils, and
  • dig and dump (including waste classification for off-site disposal purposes)