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Project Management Services

  • Project Management - we can provide assistance in managing your sites or we can provide technical support or act as a superintendent to your contaminated sites
  • Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) Excavation and Validation Support - we can provide assistance during the removal of UPSS by validating the condition of the excavated pit prior to backfilling, limiting the contaminated soil to be excavated and to prepare a validation report
  • In house Support / Secondment to either Environmental Consultants/Contractors or Private Companies or Government Agencies - this will provide a temporary relief to your workload and can be a useful or effective way to ensure that your company has the right set of capabilities at the right time (either a field support, project manager or technical support)
  • Preparation of Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) / Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plan (HSEMP) - provides practical measures or actions that will be put in place to manage/minimise impacts from known and discovered contaminants during construction or post construction
  • WPCG Permitting - issuance of hotworks permit, task risk assessment and relevant certificates
  • Other project management services also include assistance in the preparation of cost estimates, review of assessment reports and provide assistance in preparing your tender submission or overall project management coordination